Create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby

Buy blackout blinds to help your baby sleep during the day

Darkness level

It may help your baby to sleep through the night if you use blackout blinds to keep the room dark.

Magic Blackout Blinds are a fantastic product to achieve the proper darkness level in your baby’s nursery. The reusable sheets effectively block out all light instantly allowing your baby to sleep undisturbed, day or night.

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The ideal temperature for a nursery is around 19-21°. Make sure you have a variety of thinner and thicker blankets to layer to help regulate your baby’s temperature. You may also need a fan or heater in the room.

Having the correct temperature in the room will help your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep as well as get a better quality of sleep.


Too much noise can be over stimulating and make it difficult for the baby to sleep. It’s not always possible to control the level of noise in the home but you can diffuse it by playing white noise. This can help some babies fall to sleep.

White noise has also been found to increase the quality of sleep and reduce stress.

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Our top tips for designing your nursery

  1. Measure the dimensions of your room and arrange your furniture to fit. If you need to buy any new pieces of furniture, make sure that they will fit into the available space.
  2. Organize your space into activity zones, including sleeping, feeding, changing and playing.
  3. You’ll need plenty of storage boxes and shelves to keep clothes and nappies close to hand.
  4. Stick to your budget by shopping around for deals.
  5. Keep it simple. Try and keep the nursery as clutter free as possible.
  6. Choose a soft, neutral wall colour to create a calm feel. Paint the room at least three months before you’ll be using the nursery to make sure that it is fume-free.

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